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Mexico set to open embassy in Qatar by year-end
MEXICO plans to open an embassy in Qatar to give a boost to the growing ties between the two countries. "We hope that we will be in a position to open an embassy in Doha before the end of the year in order to cater to the growing number of Mexicans coming to Qatar and to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries," said the Mexican.
The Legacy of Fukushima
IN the continuing disaster at Fukushima, Japan´s nuclear safety agency has now raised the crisis level to seven: the highest category of nuclear disaster. The government is widening the evacuation zone. The unpalatable truth is that the legacy of Fukushima will be with us for a long time to come. The numbers are staggering. Latest information from...
I HAVE always had a soft spot for Nicolas Sarkozy. He was the guy with the wrong name and the wrong background who took on the smug talkers with names like Dominique de Villepin and vanquished them. He was the outsider from the wrong schools who believed in energy and talent and had the audacity to smash the taboo that said a French politician can´t love America and prosper. Sarkozy was a doer.
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Jamila - Monthly Women Magazine
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New Ezdan property at Al Wukair opened

ASIF IQBAL DOHA EZDAN Real Estate Company on Monday inaugurated its latest residential project in, the Ezdan 31 at Al Wukair.

The 956 fully-furnished residential units include apartments and villas and is a part of a series of villages launched by the company in the area dedicated for the middle class.

“The Ezdan Village 31 is one of the leading projects the company is building in Al Wukair, and one of the company’s series of residential villages in that would develop the areas surrounding the capital, Ezdan Managing Director and Chief Executive officer Hesham al Sahatari said in a statement.

The company plans to develop its property in Wakrah and Al Wukair as these areas are expected to record an increase in the population density in the coming years, Hesham said.

Ezdan is working in cooperation and coordination with local institutions of the city, to promote these areas, he pointed out.

Ezdan Real Estate Department Manager Mohammed Ali said the company has decided to offer new clients a six months’ free of charge rent to mark the opening of this new property.

He said the Ezdan Village 31 provides accommodation for small to big families.

In 2010, Ezdan launched many projects which included Ezdan Villages 4, 5, 6 and 7 in Al Wukair area.

These are some of the leading projects contributing to the urban development outside the capital city of Doha where the majority of real estate development activities are going on.

The new villages boost the middle income earners opportunities to gain adequate housing surrounded by all forms of high-end services reflecting the evolution of Qatar’s architecture, and other requirements associated with modern facilities.

The company estimates that their mega projects in Al Wukair will attract over 50 thousand people in the coming years.

The realty company’s strategy is to provide high quality housing at an affordable cost.

The company is keen to provide residential units at prices affordable to people in the middle-income reach.

Ezdan villages also include quality services such as billiard halls, a gymnasium as well as tennis courts.

Nigerian president suspends interior minister after riots
Removal of toxic water from Japan N-plants begins
China rejects US criticism over Tibet monastery
North Korea likely to conduct N-test soon

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