Mentalism show surprises, entertains

Tribune News Network
CADD Arabia recently held Connecting Dots, a psychological entertainment, and motivational talk show, with a positive feedback from the audience. The show featured Behavioural Scientist Mohammed Rafi and Mentalist Nipin Niravath whose performances wowed the audience.
Nipin Niravath is considered one of the greatest mentalists in India. He is also a famous psychological entertainer, illusionist, mind reader and motivational speaker. His mind-blowing performances of mind reading, miraculous prediction and thought influencing have earned him world acclaim as the best mentalist and psychological entertainer in the country.
"Nipin's performance was out of this world. The part where he guessed the name of one of the volunteer's friends left me wondering, how he did that?" said a guest. Another guest said:"The performance blew my mind. CADD Arabia has done a great job in bringing us this personality with fantastic skills."
Mohammed Rafi can bring transformation through his coaching programmes and motivational speeches. He shares his expertise with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve excellence and higher productivity in their respective areas of work. He is an internationally certified NLP Trainer who studied directly with NLP Co-creator Dr John Grinder.
Rated among the top-rated trainers in India, Rafi gave the audience inspirational talk on various aspects of life. He gave a demonstration on the ultimate Peak performance state of mind for the first time in Qatar."An inspirational talk by Mr Rafi. I feel motivated. Hoping to experience similar shows in the future," one of the guests said.
More than 300 guests and over 100 students and teachers from different schools in Qatar attended the event.