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Officials hail top-level security for the on going Gulf Cup

  • 7 December 2019
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Officials hail top-level security for the on going Gulf Cup
Tribune news network
Major General Khalifa Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, Head of the 24th Gulf Championship Command Center Unit at the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, praised the high level performance done by the various units operating within the committee. 
He said that the command center unit implements during this tournament the tasks and duties necessary to secure the current and upcoming tournaments up to the 2022 World Cup. 
He pointed out that the tasks of the championship command center unit include operations to ensure the flow of information, communication between all units of the Security Committee, and communicate information to the main center in the central operations room of the National Command Center from all operating rooms in all stadiums. 
He added that operations rooms have been prepared for all stadiums equipped with the highest technologies managed by highly qualified cadres to manage the event. To further ensure the flow of information and the absence of any deficiencies or interruptions in the communication process, cars were equipped with all systems to act as mobile operating rooms to intervene in the event of any malfunctions in the systems inside the fixed operating rooms in the stadiums.
General Al-Nuaimi hailed all the cadres working within the security committee units for their high efficiency in managing the event and performing the tasks assigned to them in the best way. He said that this shows a clear indication of the security committee’s readiness to receive the most prominent and bigger event that sports fans expect with passion, World Cup 2022 Championship, and he praised the great cooperation the sports fans showed with field units in the stadiums and inspection tents and traffic officials. 
For his part, Major Fahad Saeed Al-Subaie, head of the Qualification and Training Unit in the Security Committee, explained that the fruits of the work that took place during preparations for the tournament were best demonstrated during the field implementation of the various tasks during the tournament. 
He pointed out that about 1,333 individuals who were distributed on the main stadiums and the families’ recreational area and 120 officers were trained. In addition to that, 35 men and 30 women trainers were distributed in the most important areas to follow the progress of work and take notes so that they can be used in the upcoming tournaments. 
He said that the success of the qualification and training unit plan was evident in the process of entry and exit points of the public, which went through very smoothly and without any significant problems, noting that the success achieved in the 24th Gulf Championship is a step for greater success in securing the upcoming sports tournaments and the upcoming 2022 World Cup. 
Major Rawda Masoud Al-Abdullah, official of the female unit in the inspection tent, said that the influx of women of all ages was remarkable during the tournament, noting that special entries had been reserved for female fans who came to watch the matches in all stadiums. 
She added that more than 140 female police officers have participated in securing the championship and inspecting stadium entrances. She also praised the great understanding shown by the female fans to the inspection procedures, their compliance with the instructions, and praised the efforts made by the female team on the inspection process, stressing that this left a good impact for everyone who came to the stadiums.
Sports fans who flocked to the championship expressed their complete satisfaction with the great facilities that were provided to them upon entering the stadiums, noting that all this effort that gave them the opportunity to watch the tournament and encourage their teams in a safe atmosphere, and without any disturbances. 
They also praised the organization in terms of allocating parking lots for different groups, and the assistance provided by police officers and volunteers from various sides to reach the stadiums and get out of them after the end of the matches.
Omar Ahmed Dawood, a resident of Doha from Iraq, said that one of the reasons for his pleasure was the well-organized preparations he saw for the Gulf Championship, especially the presence and security care it received, which made the spectators feel reassured about themselves and their families. 
He emphasised the good deal and disciplined style that was the title of the security personnel at the stadium, stressing that the security measures did not cause them anything from disturbance at all.
Ali Al-Dahwi from Iraq also said that he is a football fan, and he came specifically to Doha to encourage the Iraqi team in the championship, and he said he admired the flow of traffic, which he saw while touring the streets of Doha, and on his way to the stadiums.
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