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Police kill suspects in Indian vet’s rape and murder

  • 5 December 2019
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Police kill suspects in Indian vet’s rape and murder
Indian police have shot dead four men suspected of raping and killing a young female vet in Hyderabad last week.
The men were in police detention and were taken back to the scene of the crime in the early hours of Friday.
The suspects were shot when they tried to steal the officers' guns and escape, police told BBC Telugu.
The 27-year-old victim's charred remains were discovered last Thursday - and the case sparked outrage and protests over alleged police inaction.
The police were heavily criticised after the murder - particularly when the victim's family accused them of inaction for two hours.
Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar told BBC Telugu that police took the accused to the scene to reconstruct the crime.
Two police officers were injured when the men tried to escape, he said. News of the police action has been widely celebrated on social media.
Many took to Twitter and Facebook to applaud the police, saying they "delivered justice".
The mother of a student who died after being gang-raped on a bus in capital Delhi in 2012 has also hailed the killing.
"I am extremely happy with this punishment. Police have done a great job," she told ANI news agency.
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