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India: Man fights with crocodile to save buffalo

  • 11 September 2019
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India: Man fights with crocodile to save buffalo
A man in Bihar fought with a crocodile to save his buffalo. The man suffered severe injuries to his feet and has been admitted to a government hospital. Authorities have announced that the man will be honoured for his brave act.
According to reports, 22-year-old Babloo Yadav was tending his cattle along a pond outside his village in West Champaran district on Tuesday evening when a crocodile suddenly jumped out of the water, grabbed the buffalo and began dragging it into the water.
Yadav, who was sitting on the bank with a bamboo stick in his hand, was initially terrified but mustered the courage to attack the crocodile with the stick.
Witnesses said the crocodile, stung by hits to its face, freed the buffalo but grasped the man’s right leg. The man continued attacking the crocodile on its face, in its mouth and in its eyes with his stick. Eventually, the reptile loosened its grip and disappeared into the water.
Villagers instantly rushed the wounded man to the hospital where he is being treated. Doctors say he will be discharged soon.
His brave act has become a talk of the town with local officials announcing an award.
“He deserves praises for his brave act. I will meet and honour him,” a local BJP lawmaker RS Pandey told the media on Wednesday. Likewise, a forest department official Sanjeev Kumar said he would be given compensation.
Gandak river, which flows by West Champaran district, is said to be home to a number of crocodiles. Of late, around 10 incidents of crocodile attacks have been reported from the district. The terror of the crocodile is such that it has deserted the whole Parsauni village located near the river embankment in the district.
Until two years back, the village was home to some 200 residents but now it remains completely deserted as villagers have fled the homes and settled elsewhere to escape attacks from reptiles.
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