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Budget airline IndiGo to start four new flights from Doha to India

  • 21 August 2019
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Budget airline IndiGo to start four new flights from Doha to India
Satyendra pathak 
India’s budget airline IndiGo is all set to start four more flights from Doha to different destinations in India from next month.
While the airline has added a second direct flight each to New Delhi and Hyderabad, bookings for two new destinations like Bangalore and Belgaum will start from September 8, according to an official of the airline’s office in Doha.  
The second direct flights on the Doha-New Delhi and Doha-Hyderabad route will start from September 16 and September 17 respectively, the official said.
According to the official, the second Delhi-Doha flight will depart from Delhi at 20.20 and will arrive Doha at 22.00.
The Doha-Delhi flight will depart from Doha at 23.00 and will arrive in Delhi at 05.15. Bookings for the flight are currently available on the airline’s website. 
The Hyderabad-Doha flight will take off from Hyderabad at 23.40 and will arrive Doha at  01.25. 
The Doha-Hyderabad will depart from Doha at 02.25 and will reach Hyderabad at 09.05.
The timing of flights for the two new destinations will be available from September 8, the official said.
With the addition of these two new destinations, the total number of IndiGo’s destinations from Doha to India will rise to eleven. Currently the airline flies to nine destinations in India from Doha.
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