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Katara celebrates National Sport Day with 70 different activities

  • 12 February 2019
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Katara celebrates National Sport Day with 70 different activities
Katara esplanade witnessed several sports and fun activities as the cultural village foundation celebrated the National Sport Day on Tuesday.
With more than 70 different activities and participation of 50 institutions from the public and private sector including 12 sports federation and around 15 health centres, the sports day attracted thousands of visitors who practiced sports in a festive theme.
The activities at the Katara witnessed many visits from officials and ministers who came to join the public with the celebrations and exercises.
Katara offered an array of activities and contests for the visitors including watersports and ground sports especially for children to enhance the culture of practicing sports among the young generations. In addition, visitors of both genders and all age groups enjoyed many fitness exercises all along the Katara esplanade with the supervision and assistance of gym instructors to provide consultancy and help. Competitions such as jogging, sit ups, dragon boat race and many more were organsied for the visitors who collectively carried out these exercises and contests.
The AFC Asian Cup was brought into Katara and placed before the public to see and take photos with and to celebrate Qatar’s recent sport world-class achievement .
The celebrations come in compliance with the national efforts to motivate practicing sports and enriching the culture of a healthy life.
Several pavilions offered free healthy foods and healthy diet recipes for the visitors while medical institutions offered them free medical tests and consultancy to check up and improve their daily habits and fitness.
Speaking at this occasion, Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara said that Katara always participates in the national occasions and constantly motivates its visitors to practice sports by opening many facilities for that especially watersports. “Katara has become a hotspot destination for sportsmen and hosted local and international sport events successfully”, he added.
Katara provided free water, coffee and fruits for visitors during the festivities in addition to all safety measures and precautions such as ambulance service and special assistance for the elderly and disabled people.
Nearly 15 different restaurants also provided complementary healthy food for people to raise awareness on the healthy diet and to expose people to different ways to cook food in a healthy way.

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