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Expatriate workers hail Qatar labour reforms

  • 10 February 2019
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Expatriate workers hail Qatar labour reforms
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The recent measures taken by Qatar to provide a secure working environment to tens of thousands of expatriates and protect their human rights have come for huge praise from a majority of expatriate workers.
They said many of the rights enjoyed by the expatriate workers in Qatar are not available in many countries.
Among the measures recently taken by Qatar are the establishment of a fund to support and secure workers, opening of a shelter house to provide assistance and protection to victims of human trafficking and a shelter for temporary workers.
In one of the construction projects in the Khraitiyat area, workers’ supervisor Kumar, an Indian, who has been working in Doha for five years, said: “We get good treatment and we get our rights. I have already worked in a number of neighbouring Arab countries before coming to Qatar. What the workers get here is much better than what is available to workers in other countries.”
“For example, we receive our salaries on a monthly basis without delay, which is more important to workers. This is what gives us tranquility and psychological stability because we are able to send money to our families back home on a regular basis,” he said.
He said this is due to the wage protection system as well as to the committees for resolving labor disputes.
Echoing Kumar’s views, his colleague Anar Taro said he has first hand experience of the advantages enjoyed by workers in Qatar.
He said one of his friends, a Nepalese national, got into trouble with his employer. But as soon as his friend complained to the authorities concerned, thelabor administration intervened and forced the company to compensate the worker financially and allowed him to move to another work.
“From my experience in many other countries, such a problem will not end in the welfare of the worker, he may suffer terribly, wait for a long time, and in the end he may have to leave without getting his rights. While my friend got all his rights in a  record time here in Qatar,” he added.
“I have heard like other workers about the shelter and the Workers’ Welfare Fund. I thank the authorities for all their efforts to protect our rights,” he said.
Anar said despite the fact that the location in which he works is far from the centre of Doha, the inspectors of the Ministry of Labor visit the site constantly and ensure all the health and safety measures are in place.
“I came to Qatar a year ago and I was a bit apprehensive,” said Mahmoud Hussein of Pakistan.  “Thanks to the strict laws, we receive all our material rights without delay," he said.

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