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Jason Statham enjoys working with diverse cast

  • 10 August 2018
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Jason Statham enjoys working with diverse cast

Actor Jason Statham says he likes to work with people with different ethnicity as "it is a proper reflection of society". "In my whole career, I have often worked with international cast and crew and I have enjoyed it always," Statham said in a statement to IANS. He feels it is a "proper reflection of society". "Working with an international cast, especially with actors from China, is familiar to me. I have made many movies with Jet Li, and a lot of the martial arts choreography teams that I worked with throughout my career have been Chinese," he added. At the moment, he is excited about "The Meg". The Warner Bros Pictures' project will tell the story of how actor Statham's character and a group of people fight against a giant prehistoric shark called a Megalodon for survival. It released in India on Friday. Statham said it was fun working with Jon Turteltaub, and calls him a real comedian. --IANS

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