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Vodafone Qatar helps thousands say ‘shukran’ during Ramadan

  • 10 June 2018
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Vodafone Qatar helps thousands say ‘shukran’ during Ramadan


Tribune News Network - Doha : 

 Vodafone Qatar has helped thousands of people thank their loved ones throughout the holy month of Ramadan as part of the Company’s ‘Shukran’ campaign. 

  Meaning ‘thank you’ in Arabic, the campaign aims to spread positivity throughout this special month in a bid to encourage people to appreciate everything and everyone in their lives, the telecom company said in a press statement. 

To say ‘Shukran’ to their loyal customers and to spread the spirit of unity and appreciation, Vodafone Qatar gave all their customers the opportunity to gift up to 100 MB of free data every day and with every recharge. 

 More than 850,000 ‘Shukran gifts’ have been sent to date which is a total of 83 terabits that Vodafone Qatar’s world class network has supported. 

By the end of Ramadan, it is expected that the number of ‘Shukran gifts’ sent by Vodafone’s customers will exceed 1 million sent via Vodafone Qatar’s MyVodafone App. 

 Moreover, the Shukran mentions online in English and Arabic exceeded 30,000, which is testament to the power of media and the change in people’s ever increasing digital use, which Vodafone Qatar utilised from the start of their campaign to drive a positive change. 

Vodafone ran several competitions on their social media channels to incentivise people to #KeepShukranGoing.  As part of its corporate social responsibility activities throughout the holy month, Vodafone has helped 400 people call their loved ones for free via a specially designed ‘Shukran’ Vodafone phone booth, equipped with a Vodafone powered mobile phone. 

Shoppers at Safari Mall, Plaza Mall and Al Khor Mall, has got the opportunity to show thanks for the family and friends in their lives, many of whom had not been in touch for long periods. 

 Shed Kumar Singh Rampat Singh from India said: “Thanks Vodafone for helping me with this call. I don’t speak to my family as often as I should, so this was a good opportunity to make a call home.  It is so nice to be able to share Ramadan greetings with my family back in India this way.” Ghulam Fareed Chutto from Pakistan said: “I’ve been with Vodafone since I arrived in Qatar and the network has always been good. 

 I surprised my brother back in Pakistan with a call.  I haven’t spoken to him for some time so it was good to pass on my Ramadan wishes to him and his family.  Thank you Vodafone.” Diego Camberos, Chief Operating Officer at Vodafone Qatar, said: “We’re delighted by the reaction to our Ramadan ‘Shukran’ campaign. 

The outpour of thanks and appreciation by people for all the blessings in their life has been overwhelming and we’re proud that our world class network supported this.” 

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