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  • 19 March 2018
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Mowasalat’s Karwa Driving School participated in Batabit – Qatar Centre for Motorcycles “BATABIT MILE” Event, the Event Exhibition offering various theoretical and practical safe driving presentations. The event was held on 02nd of March 2018, inside the Training Airport - Al-Khour City.


This event comes as part of delivering our social responsibility, and it displayed:   

·        Seat belt convincer demonstration equipment: Advising on the importance of seat belts along with statistics on deaths and casualties for not using seat belts.

·        Accidents: Where different statistics were presented on the causes of mortality and how to avoid them, including: 

o   Using mobile phone, and texting while driving.

o   Importance of keeping distance between vehicles.

o   Over speeding and its risks. 

o    Driving under the influence of alcohol with goggle vision

o   Driving in difficult weather conditions.

o   In addition, other important tips and guidance to drivers.


During the exhibition, various tests and practical presentations were given using driving simulators and guidance from specialized trainers from Karwa Driving School. The audience were mainly participants from bikers, their families and fans, and Al-Khour city residents, who interacted and experienced the demonstration through our equipment.   We had also displayed our latest school bus, which brought much interested audience to our stand to check the interior of our school bus and learn the special safety characteristics and features on board Mowasalat Co. school buses, adopting international school bus safety standards.


Mowasalat, major stakeholder under Ministry of Transport & Communications is working with the Mission ”to provide transport solutions in a safe & environment friendly conscious way for the welfare of residents & visitors of Qatar was very happy to participate in “BATABIT MILE” Event organized by Batabit – Qatar Centre for Motorcycles. The company is framing its safety strategy aligning with National Safety Strategy with focus to driving/traffic/road safety in its action plan to deliver the National safety objectives. Through the past years, the company has been participating in several stakeholder & customer initiatives with participation through presentation & demonstration of driving safety and road safety. 


Our Karwa Driving School is a highly matured & important driving school in Qatar and is clearly a leader in offering internationally recognized courses & programs constituting to continuous development of drivers’ skills. Within the framework of collaboration with Traffic Department, Mowasalat regularly gives awareness lectures and seminars to its fleet drivers updating them with latest traffic and safety laws in the State. 


We  make use of such collaborative platforms and we consider this our Corporate Social Responsibility in joining Batabit – Qatar Centre for Motorcycles to convey this message of “being a safe driver” for everyone to realize and be responsible for his/her presence and actions for making our workplace, home, environment & lives SAFE.

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