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WhatsApp: Now you can delete the accidentally sent message after an hour

  • 4 March 2018
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WhatsApp: Now you can delete the accidentally sent message after an hour

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WhatsApp has added an option to delete messages sent to contacts within a span of 7 minutes after the message being sent (this is similar to Google’s Undo Mail feature) not long ago. 

This message deletion featured worked for deleting to everyone in the contacts/group chats or just for the sender as well.  In addition to this, the company might be considering to extend this time limit of deleting an accidental message to 4,096 seconds, which is approximately 68 minutes after the message being sent. 

Reported by WABetaInfo, the beta build of this WhatsApp app (build number 2.18.69) enables this feature. This is basically an extension up to an hour from the initial 7-minutes to the already implemented feature. This feature will be initially rolled out Android users, which later can be added for iOS and Windows users as well depending on the receiving factor. 

Furthermore, this beta build also suggests a modified icon for soon to implemented sticker feature along with the existing emojis. 

These betas of this Facebook-owned WhatsApp also brings new features such as locked recording, where it locks the voice message record button while recording. 

These recent beta builds also featured ‘Forwarded Message Label’ (which can label the message sent to the user, whether the message received was actually a forwarded message). 

 These newly added features including Stickers might get to the 1.2 Billion users all over the world sometime soon, this year. 

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